Cherish, Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

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OUr Core Values

Cherish   Nurture   Aspire    Achieve

Our Mission Statement 

St. Andrew’s Primary School is a family orientated, nurturing community where all children are cherished and respected. Through their time with us every child has the opportunity to exceed their potential, to aspire to be the best and be proud of their achievements.

Our Vision

St. Andrew’s Primary School is a special place full of learning, laughter, friendship and fun; where children feel safe, valued and respected.

  • We aim to provide the best education for every individual child in a stimulating, engaging learning environment, so that every child not only realises and achieves their potential, but exceeds it.
  • We aim to instil the love of learning inspired by quality teaching, nurturing every child and developing their individual strengths and talents.
  • We believe that every child is entitled to enjoy their childhood free from discrimination and bullying in a safe, happy, caring environment.
  • We encourage and celebrate creativity, original thinking and imagination as well as effort and achievement.
  • We aim to teach the importance of moral values, including honesty, respect, trust and personal responsibility.
  • We encourage parents, carers and the wider community to fully support the school community as a whole, as well as the children.

At the end of their time at St. Andrew’s our children will be confident, independent and well-rounded young people, ready to seize the opportunities that lay ahead of them.

Our vision is to prepare pupils for their lives as healthy, creative, skilled and aspirational citizens, empowered with the knowledge, skills and values to lead happy, successful and rewarding lives.

We aim to do this by:  

  • Developing a love for learning through immersing them in a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. We will use a creative thematic approach based on the children’s own interests within an active and engaging learning environment;
  • Having high expectations of both achievement and behavior;
  • Providing equality of opportunity for all our children regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, physical disability, sexual orientation or special educational needs;
  • Encouraging our children to be self-motivated and to develop a positive attitude towards learning so that they can respond to challenges, develop enquiring minds and apply themselves to tasks with self-discipline and an increasing sense of responsibility for their own actions.
  • Working collaboratively and in partnership with our children, parents, carers, other schools within Ventrus  and the wider community.