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Culm Team

Class Information - Starlings, Hen Harriers, Kingfishers and Eagles   

Culm Team Staff

Miss Steele - Class Teacher in Eagles (Monday - Thursday) / Unit Lead

Mrs Souch - Class Teacher in Eagles (Friday)

Miss Brand – Class Teacher in Hen Harriers

Miss Mothersele – Class Teacher in Kingfishers

Ms Jackman - Class Teacher in Starlings

Mrs Latham – Teaching Assistant

Miss Webber  - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Broomfield - Teaching Assistant 

If you wish to pass on any messages or have a chat about your child’s progress, the teachers are available from 3.30pm every day.

If you have a message in the morning, please do this through the office and the message will be passed on.  Could we please remind you that you should not be entering the school unless you have been signed in through the school office and have been given a visitors tag to wear- this is for safety reasons.

PE kit will be needed in school every day.  It is best to leave this in school. It will be sent home to be washed at the end of each half term. As well as indoor PE, we will also be doing PE outside, so please make sure that your child has suitable clothing for cold, wet weather, i.e. trainers, tracksuit bottoms as well.

All children in Culm have the opportunity to use the field at lunchtimes. If they wish to do this, they will need to bring a change of footwear suitable for muddy days! Also, if they would like to play football at lunchtimes your child will need to bring clothing for this that is different to their PE kit. It is likely that these clothes will get dirty if the ground is wet.

Please continue to look out for the ‘Friday Contact’ newsletter for any other information about what is happening in school, especially the Key Dates.

We would really love to have volunteers to help with listening to children read or with trips. If you think you could help us with this or with any of our topics over the year, please contact a member of the Culm team.

We appreciate all your support in your child’s education. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss anything.


Reading: It is expected that children will bring home their accelerated reader book from school and read this on a daily basis. At school, they will then take a quiz on their book, so it would be beneficial to your child/children if you could ask them questions about what they have read in order to support their understanding of the book.

Mathematics: It is expected that children will practise their mental recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 on a daily basis at home using the Times Tables Rockstars, as well as practising their current Rainbow Maths targets. It would also be beneficial to your child to work on telling the time at home. 

Spellings: Children will be sent home with a list of spellings each week that will need to be learnt ready for a test the following week. Children will also bring home their Rainbow Spellings grid each half term. These words need to be practised regularly and children will be re-tested each half term, or before this if they are ready to move on. If this is the case, please could either you or your child inform the teacher that they are ready to be tested.

Topic Work:Children have been given a copy of the topic menu which they may choose to complete. These activities are intended to provide the opportunity for you and your child to learn together and extend knowledge in the topic area. There will be no written feedback for this work; however, children are encouraged to bring in their learning and share with the class. The children’s learning will be rewarded with lots of praise and house points and be displayed! We really want the children to feel proud of their learning achieved outside the classroom.

Please join us for the Culm class meeting on Thursday 19th September 2019 at 3.45pm, for more information about the upcoming year.

Information for Parents - Autumn 2019

This term in English we will be using ‘Talk for Writing’ to focus on the fiction and non-fiction aspects of writing, including character descriptions, a diary entry, instructional writing and a non-chronological report. Within these units we will be focusing on punctuation, spelling, grammatical features and vocabulary.

In Mathematics, children in Culm will be focusing further on place value, the four operations and fractions, as well as weekly arithmetic practise.They will continue to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills through a range of activities and will use a range of practical equipment to explore and investigate numbers and the number system. There will also be a focus on quick mental recall of number facts and multiplication facts.

This term we will continue to use the Building Learning Powers vocabulary to help the children talk about their learning, in line with the school's behaviour policy.  Children will be rewarded with plenty of house points, R star awards and golden pupil certificates if they show these learning behaviours exceptionally well. Please refer to the separate leaflet for a reminder of the 5 Rs.

The topic for this half term is…

 Ancient Egypt

Mummification, pharoahs, pyramids, Gods and Goddesses, tombs...the list of exciting (and somewhat gruesome) focuses within this topic are endless. Throughout this term, the children in Culm will be developing their independence in research skills by using a range of sources to find out information. In addition, there will be lots of opportunities for children to make their own choices in learning, working with different adults across the team to create a variety of high quality products using a range of art and design skills.

We would love it if you could join us for our Culm Express afternoon on Monday 2nd December 2019 at 2.45pm.