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Class Information - Goldfinches and Robins 

Welcome to our Autumn Term curriculum information.

We are so excited about getting to know your children and learning with them.

 Foundation Team Staff

Miss Rice

Early Years Leader / Class Teacher in Robins class

Mrs Treadwell

Class Teacher in Goldfinches class (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday)

Miss Brinton

Clas Teacher in Goldfinches class


Mrs Peers

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Miss Peek

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ford

Teaching Assistant

Miss Zychlinska

Teaching Assistant 

Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have or worries you wish to share, so please come and speak to us. Likewise, we will contact you if we feel it is necessary.

Diary Dates:

 Class meeting: Tuesday 17th September 2019, 3.45pm

Phonics Information Evening:  Monday 23rd September 2019, 3.45pm       

Parents Evenings: Wednesday 6th and Monday 11th November 2019, 3.45 - 6.30pm 

Nativity Performance: Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 9.30am  

Building Learning Power:

We will begin to introduce the children to the Building Learning Powers vocabulary to help the children talk about their learning, in line with the school's behaviour policy. Children will be rewarded with plenty of house points, R star awards and Golden Pupil certificates if they show these behaviours exceptionally well. Please refer to the Building Learning Powers page on our website for more information.

Curriculum Map

This term our learning begins with the topic 'My World', where we will learn about being at school and Cullompton. We will also be exploring our art skills to learn how to paint and mix colours. We will develop our positive learning behaviours using our 'animal rules' and the Building Learning Power vocabulary. 

In the second half term, we will move on to our topic 'Farm to Fork'. This will include learning about where our food comes from, cooking skills and harvest.

At the end of the term, we will be performing our nativity, which we warmly welcome you to.

In Foundation we begin with a planned theme and then we are led by the children's own interests when moving forward with our learning.


Daily counting forwards and backwards

Number recognition

Estimating amounts of objects

Understanding number



Phonics phase 2 

Oral blending and segmenting

Rainbow words - white set

Writing and letter formation

Recognising and writing names

Literacy texts include: The Dot, The Little Red Hen, The Christmas Story

Personal, Social and Emotional

Being respectful

Looking after our resources

Using kind words

Listening and collaborating


Managing distractions - being absorbed in our learning

Communication and Language

Listening and responding to stories

Talk partner work

Listening to other's ideas as well as our own

Talk about how we can learn well

Share and take turns

Physical Development

A range of gross and fine motor skills activities will be available all term, as well as targeted early morning activities. 

Using a range of tools for mark making, art and cooking

Independent self care: putting on coats and wellies.

Using different tools to get effects.

Understanding the World

School rules

Keeping safe






Expressive Art and Design

Using paintbrushes 

Colour mixing

Abstract art

Role play

Songs and rhymes

Using your voice 


Home Learning Ideas: How you can help your child with their learning this term



Count forwards and backwards regularly

Practise the sounds that will be coming home in the Phonics pouches - begin making simple words to sound out and blend together

Look at letters and numerals in the world and talk about them

Practise writing their name using cursive letters

Talk about the shapes of things around you - what shape is a plate? What shape is a road sign?

Look at a range of books, enjoying and sharing books together

Talk about how stories might end and what might happen in them

Visit or for simple ideas on how to support your child and information about child development.

If you need any additional support to help with your child's learning, please speak to a member of the team or book an appointment through the office; we are always here to help.