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Otter Team

Class Information -  Barn Owls, Jays and Merlins  

Otter Team Staff

Mrs Cook - Class Teacher in Jays / Unit Lead

Miss Taylor - Class Teacher in Merlins (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Watts - Class Teacher in Merlins (Thursday, Friday)

Miss Roe - Class Teacher in Barn Owls (Monday, Tuesday)

Miss Einchcombe - Class Teacher in Barn Owls (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Latham – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tyrell – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cude – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Raybould - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Thornhill  - Teaching Assistant 


Information for Parents - Autumn 2019


This term in literacy we will be using 'Talk for Writing' with a link to 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to write a losing tale with a focus on characterisation. We will then be using the text writing style of instructions to write instructions to make a 'marvellous medicine' of our own. We will be focusing on using a range of sentence structures, punctuation and vocabulary as well as identifying the features of new reports and using these in our own writing. Our class read for this term is 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. 


In Mathematics we will begin by focusing on place value and the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There will also be a focus on quick mental recall of number facts and multiplication facts.

Victorians: Rich and Poor

During this history based topic, children will compare and contrast the lives of both rich and poor Victorians. The children will develop their research skills to find out about life during this time period. For their final product children will be creating a model of a building that shows the contrast between rich and poor lifestyles in the area of the home, school, work or fashion. Also, there will be an art focus throughout this term, by the end of which children will have learnt how to print using a range of printing techniques including building layers and developing intricate details. The children will take inspiration from William Morris to create their own pattern.

Otter Express: We would like to invite you to join us at our Victorian Museum, Friday 13th December 2019, 2.45pm

Building Learning Powers

This term we will continue to use the Building Learning Powers vocabulary to help the children talk about their learning in line with the school Behaviour Policy. Children will be rewarded with pletny of house points, R star awards and Golden Pupil certificates if they show these learning behaviours exceptionally well.

PE kits will need to be in school all week. Please ensure that children have suitable clothing and footwear for all weathers. All PE kit and uniform should be clearly labelled to avoid any items going astray.

In KS2, fruit is no longer provided so if your child would like a snack at breaktime, we ask that they bring in fruit or vegetables from home. Children may have water in their bottles and are given time to drink these regularly throughout the day. At lunchtime, they are provided with a drink at their tables.

If you wish to pass on any messages or have a chat about your child's progress, the teachers are available in the classroom from 3.30pm everyday.

If you have a message to pass on in the morning, please do this through the school office. Please be reminded that you should not be entering the school building at any time unless you have been signed in through the school office and given a visitor badge - this is to ensure safeguarding of our children. 

Please continue to check the Friday Contact for diary dates and information about upcoming events and activities. 

Home - School Learning


It is expected that children will bring home their Accelerated Reader book from school and read it on a daily basis. At school, they will then take a quiz on their book, so it would be beneficial to your child if you could ask them questions about what they have read in order to support their understanding of the book. 


It is expected that children will practise their mental recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12x12 on a daily basis at home using the Times Tables Rockstars, as well as practising their current Rainbow Maths targets. At the end of the year, Year 4 children will take a national statutory multiplication test where they will need to recall multiplication facts up to 12x12 within six seconds. It would also be beneficial for your child to work on telling the time at home.


Children will bring home their Rainbow Spelling grid each half term. Rainbow Spelling words need to be practised regularly and children will be re-tested each half term, or before, if they are ready to move on. If this is the case, please could either you or your child inform the teacher that they are ready to be tested. Children who are working on green, purple or blue grids will also be sent home with a list of spellings each week that will need to be learnt ready for a test the following week.

Topic Learning

Children have been given a list of home learning topic work that they may wish to complete. These activities are intended to provide the opportunity for you and your child to learn together and extend knowledge in the topic area. There will be no ‘written’ feedback on this optional learning. However, we would love for the children to bring in their learning and share it with the class. The children’s learning will be rewarded with lots of praise and house points! We really want the children to feel proud of their learning achieved outside the classroom and we love putting exceptional pieces on display