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Rainbow Maths

At St. Andrew's, we use Rainbow Maths Facts to support the children in improving their fluency in maths facts. 

Rainbow Maths Facts works in a similar way to the Rainbow Spellings; children will begin on the White level and work their way up the rainbow through Yellow, Green, Purple and finally Blue. Children will be expected to practise their target at home and they will also be given time to practise in school. A copy of the Rainbow Maths Booklet that each child is working on has been sent home so that parents and carers have a list of the targets; you can also access these targets here: Rainbow Maths

Class teachers will regularly give the children the opportunity to show their progress through timed challenges. Children will need to successfully complete the timed challenge for each target three times before moving on to the next target. Your child will know which target they are working on at any given time as a record will be kept in school and shared with them.

When your child completes a booklet, it will be sent home for you to see and share in their achievement, along with the new colour booklet and set of targets.

As this programme is new to all children in school, they will all begin on the White booklet.