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Rainbow Words Spelling

 At St. Andrew's, all children are given a set of key words ‘Rainbow Words’ to learn to spell over the  half-term. These words are grouped into different colours, and children will progress through each set of coloured words during their time at St. Andrew’s. A copy of the full set of rainbow words is available here: Rainbow Words.

These groups of spellings are bespoke to each child. Your child will be carefully assessed to identify the key words that they need to practise.  

We have selected these key words because they are high frequency words that children use in their writing regularly, and are therefore essential for your child’s educational growth. They are also words outlined as necessary within the National Curriculum. It is therefore highly important that children are able to both spell these words and apply them in their writing.  Learning to spell these words will form an important part of your child’s home-school learning. Children will be tested on these keywords every half term, or before if they are ready to move on, and will then receive a new set of words to learn. If your child is ready to be given a new set rainbow spellings please could either you or your child inform their teacher that they are ready to be tested. 

As children progress into KS2 and are on green level or above they will also receive additional weekly spellings to learn at home. Children will be tested on these words weekly.