Cherish, Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

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Home School Agreement

St. Andrew’s Primary School

Cherish, Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

We believe in working in partnership with children and their families in order to provide the best

possible learning environment in which our children can thrive, develop and achieve their full potential.


Home-School Agreement 2019-2020

The Home-School Agreement, as detailed below, sets out what parents/carers can expect from us as a school, and what we ask of our children and their families to ensure a collaborative approach to each child's education and their time with us as a whole. 



As a school we will:

As a child I will:

As a parent/carer I will:

To ensure high levels of attendance and punctuality


Provide a lead member of staff for attendance who will liaise with families and wider services to enable all children to receive their entitlement to attend school.


Attend school regularly and on time in my school uniform and bring with me all the things I need each day.

Ensure that my/our child attend school regularly, punctually, properly equipped and having eaten a good breakfast. I will notify the school office of absence.

To learn the value of positive behaviour

Promote and have high expectations of behaviour and attitudes towards learning and model high standards of respect and responsibility.


Be well mannered and be responsible for my behaviour and attitude.

Develop my/our child’s understanding and ability to be responsible and self disciplined.

To support every child to achieve their full potential

Strive to achieve the very best for every child and have high expectations for them both academically and socially.

Try my best to learn in school and complete my home learning as well as I can.

Attend parent/teacher partnership meetings and engage in discussion about my/our child’s progress and support home learning. Make every effort to attend the Express events for the half-term topics.


To secure effective lines of communication

Communicate effectively and sensitively with parents and carers at all times. Ensure parents/carers are informed about their child’s progress and attainment.

Always talk to an adult if something is worrying or upsetting me so it can be sorted out.

Make the school aware of any concerns that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour.

To promote healthy living and well-being

Encourage our children to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and make good choices for their well-being.

Make healthy choices.

Provide healthy snacks, drinks, lunches and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.


To ensure our children are safe

Provide a happy, safe and secure environment. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated.

Make sure that I take care of myself and others and stay safe in school, out of school and online.

Support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add information that could upset or offend any member of the school community.


To ensure understanding of diversity and inclusion

Ensure that we are inclusive and respect and celebrate the diverse culture that we live in.

Show respect for everyone.

I/we will demonstrate respect for and understanding of others to support my/our child’s development.


To secure a high level of community engagement

We will be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for parents and the community to be involved in our school.

Be a good citizen of the school and the community, showing respect, care, kindness and consideration for everyone and everything at all times.


Support school activities/meetings/workshops and become involved in all aspects of my child’s life in school.


Head Teacher:  Parent / Carer:





We ask for annual parental permission for some school activities.


Please see below for details of what this covers:


Photo Permission

As a school we like to do our best to let the local community and parents know what we have been doing and the successes we have enjoyed. In order to do this, pictures of your children may be used for publication in our school newsletter, local media and on our school website.  Children’s names will not be used on the website, but may be used by the local media and in the school newsletter.


I agree to my child being photographed/videoed as part of their learning and understand that these images may be used on the School website, or in the local press. My child’s name will NOT accompany any images of them that are published, without additional consent.

 I agree                                                       I do not agree


Internet Use

This pertains to the Pupil Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) relating to ICT equipment. New technologies have become integral to the lives of our children, both within our schools’ and in their lives outside. The internet and other digital information and communications technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. These technologies can stimulate discussion, promote creativity, awareness and promote effective learning. All of our children have the entitlement to safe internet access at all times both at school and at home. The Acceptable User Agreement is intended to ensure:

· that ALL pupils will be responsible users and stay safe while using the internet and other communications technologies for educational and recreational use.

· that school ICT systems and users are protected from accidental or deliberate misuse that could put the security of the systems and users at risk.


Signed …………………………………………………………………………….        (Parent/Guardian)