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Class of the Week: 

A big well-done to Barn Owls who have won our ‘Class of the Week’ award for having the highest class attendance of an amazing 99.23 %!

Barn Owls class will have the company of Tick-Tock Ted in their classroom next week.


 Trips, Activities and Reminders


Year 2 Dartmoor Zoo - Friday 8th March 2024

All form have now been received! More payments (£20.18) needed please.


Year 6 Eden Project - Tuesday 26th March 2024

Some forms are still outstanding - individual emails have been sent to parents. More payments (£20.66) needed please.


Year 1 Pond Dipping - Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Consent Form and payment (£6.85) due by 19th April 2024.


 Year 5 Becky Falls - Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Consent Form, SOE3 Form and payment (£15.15) due by 1st May 2024.


All payments must be made via ParentPay. Whilst all payments are voluntary, trips and activities may need to be cancelled if we do not receive enough payments.



 World Book Day

Thursday 7th March 2024 is World Book Day and all children (and staff!) are invited to come to school wearing their pyjamas for a cosy class story time.

 Children are also invited to take part in our ‘Story in a Jar’ competition - children are asked to pick a well known book and have fun portraying it in a jam jar.

For more ideas and inspiration, please see our original World Book Day letter.



Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is taking place on Friday 15th March 2024, raising money to tackle poverty and hardship in the UK and abroad. In support of this fantastic charity, our School Council have chosen a ‘Crazy Hair and House Colours’ Day. All children (and staff!) are invited to come to school with crazy hair (the crazier the better!) and wear home clothes in the colour of their House Team.

If your child would like to take part, please ensure your £1 donation is paid via ParentPay.



 St. Andrew's Has Got Talent

St. Andrew’s Has Got Talent is taking place on Wednesday 13th March and rehearsals are well underway! On the day, all children will stay in school at 3.20pm and parents / carers are invited to arrive from 3.30pm, for a prompt 3.40pm start. All seats must have been reserved in advance and we will not be able to admit anyone extra on the day. Please ensure you have read THIS LETTER for full arrangement information and be sure to contact the school office before 13th March if you have any questions or concerns about the event.


School Rules

We would like to remind our families of our before-and-after-school rules:

*All children are expected to wait sensibly with their adult until their class is called into school.

*Please remind children in Years 5 and 6 who walk to and from school by themselves about the importance of behaving sensibly and respectfully on the school field before and after school. 

*The climbing frames are for use during school time only. Children are not allowed to use these outside of school hours. 

*Respect our premises by not kicking or hanging off of our school signs, not sitting on our planters etc. Repair costs will be sought from any families that have been found to cause damage to school property.

*Show kindness to any animals that may be outside, such as the cat that regularly comes over to say hello. Taunting or hurting any creatures is unkind and simply unacceptable. 

*Only families with pushchairs and/or mobility issues should be using the decked walkways to access the playgrounds. It is vital that these spaces are kept as clear as possible for our children when entering and exiting the school.

*We do not have the facility to store bikes or scooters on-site; if children ride these to school, they must be taken home again. Children must not be riding these at any time on our premises for the safety of all of our families. 

*Where possible, we encourage all of our families to walk to and from school. The estate can become very congested at drop off and collection times, so if you are driving, please be mindful of our children, other drivers and local residents. Please ensure that you are driving slowly and parking sensibly. 

*For health, safety and hygiene purposes, we are a completely dog-free site. There must not be dogs on our premises at any time, including those being carried. If you are not happy with leaving your dog tied up outside, then please do not bring them on the school run. Any parents attempting to access our site with their dog will be politely asked to leave.