St Andrew's Primary School

St. Andrew's Primary School

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Cherish, Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

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1st November , 22nd November,
13th December, 10th January 2022,
17th January 2022, 7th February 2022, 
7th March 2022, 28th March 2022

WEEK 2: 

8th November, 29th November,                     3rd January 2022, 24th January 2022,              14th February 2022, 14th March 2022,              4th April 2022.


15th November, 6th December,           
10th January 2022, 31st January 2022,
28th February 2022, 21st March 2022


Meat:  Ham and cheese pasta bake

Vegetarian: Quorn sausage hotdog with sweet potato wedges 

Sides: Sweetcorn, fresh broccoli

Jacket Potato with beans 

Fresh fruit

 Meat: Beef burger in a bap and wedges

Vegetarian: Sweet potato and lentil curry with sunshine rice

Sides: Peas, sweetcorn

Jacket Potato with cheese 

Fresh Fruit

Meat: Toad in the hole, creamy mash potato, gravy

Vegetarian: Spinach, pepper and
mozzarella pasta bake

Sides: Fresh sliced carrots, peas

Jacket potato with cheese and beans

Fresh fruit


Meat: Butcher's sausage, mash and gravy

Vegetarian: Sweet and sour Quorn pieces with rice

Sides: Peas, green beans

Jacket potato with cheese and beans 

Chocolate courgette cake 


Meat: Margherita pizza and pasta

Vegetarian: Quorn chilli and wholemeal rice

Sides: Baked beans, green beans 

Jacket Potato with cheese and beans 

Sticky toffee sponge and custard 


Meat: Chicken and vegetable pie with creamy mash potato

Vegetarian: Quorn sausage roll and baked wedges

Sides: Sweetcorn, green beans

Jacket potato with beans

Carrot cake 


Meat: Roast chicken and stuffing 

Vegetarian: Lentil loaf

Sides: Roast potatoes,
fresh sliced carrots, cabbage, gravy

Jacket Potato with cheese

Fruit smoothie


Meat: Roast pork and apple sauce

Vegetarian:  Vegetarian roast

Sides: Roast potatoes, fresh broccoli, sliced carrots, gravy

Jacket Potato with cheese

Fruit smoothie

Meat: Roast turkey with herby stuffing

Vegetarian: Vegetable gratin

Sides: Roast potatoes, fresh sliced carrots, broccoli, gravy

Jacket potato with tuna

Fruit smoothie


Meat: Beef cobbler

Vegetarian: Margherita pizza

Sides: Baked noisette potatoes, mixed vegetables

Jacket potato with tuna

Banana cake


Meat: Mild chicken korma and rice

Vegetarian: Cauliflower bites with BBQ sauce and sweet potatoes

Sides: Mixed vegetables

Jacket Potato with cheese and beans 

Apple cake 

Meat: Beef lasagne and garlic bread

Vegetarian: Roasted vegetable bolognaise

Sides: Cabbage, peas

Jacket potato with cheese

Raspberry cake and custard


Meat: Fish fingers

Vegetarian: Quorn nuggets

Sides: Chips, tomato sauce, peas and beans

Jacket potato with cheese 



Meat: Breaded fish

Vegetarian: Quorn nuggets

Sides: Chips, tomato sauce, peas, sweetcorn

Jacket potato with tuna


Meat: Salmon fish cake

Vegetarian: Quorn nuggets

Sides: Chips, tomato sauce, beans, sweetcorn

Jacket potato with ham


Served Daily: bread, fresh fruit, yogurts and water