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Ventrus MAT

House Teams

We have four House Teams at St. Andrew’s Primary School with balanced numbers of boys and girls from each year group. Children are grouped into the same House Teams as family members.

Our House Teams are named after famous explorers:

Drake (blue) – named after Sir Francis Drake.

Grenville (green) – named after Sir Richard Grenville.

Hawkins (yellow) – named after Sir Richard Hawkins.

Raleigh (red)– named after Sir Walter Raleigh.

Why have houses?

We feel that the children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams. It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each other, gives them a strong sense of responsibility and belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

How are the houses managed?

Each house has two house captains from Year 6. Children put themselves forward and are elected for this role yearly. All staff members are also allocated to a House Team. 

When is the house system used?

There is a House Points system, where children earn points individually and these are collected together at the end of each week with the winning team being awarded the House Cup. House Points are then totalled again every half-term, with the winning House receiving a special House Treat. This has previously included movie afternoons, Jedi Knight training and sports and games on the field.  Each term the children participate in a House Event, working together as a team, to earn House Points.

During the weekly Celebration Assembly, the Headteacher congratulates the highest House Point scorer from each class. 

How do children get house points?

Children can earn House Points individually for showing any of our Building Learning Powers (BLPs).
Any member of staff can award house points.

Ventrus MAT

Ventrus (formerly The Primary Academies Trust) was set up in 2011 by a group of like minded headteachers who wanted to build a stable and secure platform from which they could grow a network of excellent schools.

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