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Internet Safety 

At St. Andrew’s Primary School we take the issue of online safety very seriously. Children are taught about being safe online during sessions when ICT is used and PSHE.

Opportunities are given for the children to engage with outside agencies about internet safety.

During anti-bullying week children are taught about cyber-bullying and what to do if it is happening to them.

How can you help?


  1. Remind your child that the internet is not a private space. Any information that your child puts online can be shared with anyone and may be used in a harmful way.
  1. Keep communication open! Let your child know that it is never too late to tell you if something or someone is making them feel uncomfortable.
  1. Teach your child to only open emails from people they know. Files from unknown sources may contain inappropriate images, content or viruses.
  1. Keep the computer somewhere in the house where it is easy for you to monitor what your child is viewing.
  1. Use internet filtering software and your browser’s controls to offer the degree of security needed to protect your child.

Below are some links to websites that you may find useful.

These in particular are useful for children to access:

These websites provide advice and support for parents, carers and educators: