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Pupil Leadership Roles

We offer a range of Pupil Leadership Roles throughout the school. Children apply - and interview - for their desired role and those who are successful are offered the opportunity to join one of the following teams:

Hospitality Hosts

To help host events where there is a need to meet and greet visitors and provide refreshments.

Language Ambassadors

To help run events and activities that promote and celebrate diversity in language and culture. To support friends for whom English is not their first language.

Fruit Rangers 

To help with the distribution of fruit and promote healthy eating.

Cloakroom Carers

To focus on keeping the cloakroom areas tidy and organised and to help with the return and redistribution of lost property.

Press: Journalists and Photographers

To report on and celebrate school events, to provide photographs and text for the weekly school newsletter and to capture memorable moments from our school life.


To help maintain the effective running of the library through monitoring, tidying up and checking books in and out of the library.

Friendship Fixers

To focus on encouraging kindness and the building of positive relationships during break and lunchtimes.

Stage Crew

To support school productions, events and assemblies.

Ground Force

To help support the development and use of the outdoor learning environment.

Sports Leaders

To support and promote sports across the school and school community.


To support  and develop positive playtimes and build positive relationships.

Techno Wizards

To support the organisation, use and developments of IT across the school.