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Year 2 Focus

Class Information

The teaching staff in Year 2 are: Miss Hope in Cuckoos class and Mrs Partridge (Mon, Tues) and Mrs Cook (Weds, Thurs, Fri) in Doves class. The team are also very lucky to be supported by Mrs Cude, Mrs McGurk and Mrs Carver throughout the week.

Children should come to school in full school uniform, including black school shoes. If children have laces on their shoes then they should be able to retie these themselves. Long hair must be tied back every day. PE days are notified on the contact and children must come to school in their PE kit and PE shoes on these days only.

KS1 are provided with a free piece of fruit every day at break time. You are welcome to send a snack in for your child if they do not like the fruit but please ensure that it is a healthy snack. Children can drink water from their bottle throughout the day but please ensure that these are labelled with the child’s name and the lid is easy to secure in order to avoid spillages.

Please look out for the ‘Friday Contact’ newsletter which is emailed weekly for any other information about what is happening at school, especially key dates. We appreciate all of your support in your child’s education. If you wish to discuss anything, the teachers will be available at the end of the day. In addition to this, the office will ensure that any message left with them in the morning is passed on promptly.

Information for Parents – Summer 2022

We hope you have had a wonderful break over the Easter Holiday and that you are as excited as us about the next term ahead.

We will be focussing on both the fiction and non-fiction aspects of writing across the term. In our first Literacy sequence, we will focus on writing recounts using past tense verbs and our spelling words. We will go on to focus on fiction texts that link with our History Topic this term, using learnt skills to write our own narrative sentences using subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences.

We have a busy term planned for Mathematics where we will be revisiting skills taught from the Autumn and Spring Term, recalling number facts and using these facts to solve problems, continuing to practise our counting and applying our maths skills to solve problems in context. We will be looking at securing our knowledge around the four operations (+ - X and ÷) as well as understanding fractions.

‘The Great Fire of London’

This term we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. We will become historians and learn the key events that took place, and we will develop our research skills to find facts. We will also be learning about an important historical person. After half term, we will develop our Design and Technology skills, by designing a range of Tudor houses in keeping with that time and exploring how quickly the fire would have spread.

Building Learning Powers

This term we will continue to use our knowledge of the Building Learning Powers to help the children build upon their ability to talk about their learning, in line with the school’s behaviour policy. Children will be rewarded with plenty of house points, R star awards and golden pupil certificates if they show these learning behaviours exceptionally well.


How you help your child with their learning this term?

Reading: Your child will take part in teacher-led guided reading sessions every day. Some children will have an independent phonetically decodable book which will be changed weekly. When they are ready, the children will move onto the ‘Accelerated Reading’ programme. This involves children reading a text and answering questions in the form of a quiz. Please ensure that you read with your child at least 3x per week and record that you have read in their learning journey. This will be checked by the class teacher weekly to keep a track of this.

Mathematics: It is expected that children will practise their mental recall of multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 X tables daily using ‘NUMBOTS’ or ‘Times Table Rockstars’.

Spellings: Spelling is taught in class weekly. Children will then bring home a set of spelling words. Some of these words link to the spelling rule for that week and some of them are year 2 curriculum words. Children need to practise these words at home ready for their spelling test on a Friday.

Topic Work: Please see below a copy of topic activities that your child may choose to complete. These activities are intended to provide the opportunity for you and your child to learn together and extend knowledge in the topic area. Please encourage your child to bring this homework in to share with us. The children’s learning will be rewarded with lots of praise and house points! We really want the children to feel proud of their learning achieved outside the classroom.