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Year 3 Focus

Class Information

The teaching staff in Year Three are: Miss Sandoe in Jays and Miss Westaway in Skylarks. The team are also very lucky to be supported by Mrs Heathcock, Mrs Peers and Mrs Carver throughout the week.

Please ensure that all children come to school in full PE kit with suitable clothing and footwear for all weathers on PE days. Our PE days this term for Jays are: Tuesday and Friday and for Skylarks: Monday and Thursday. All PE kit and uniform should be clearly labelled to avoid any items going missing. A polite reminder, that on non-PE days, children must wear full school uniform and black, school shoes.

As a result of moving up the school, children in Year 3 are no longer provided with a piece of fruit at breaktime by the school. However, you are welcome to send a piece of fruit or healthy snack in for your child. Children can drink water from their bottle throughout the day but please ensure that the lid is easy to secure in order to avoid spillages and that their bottle is clearly labelled with their name. Please note that juice is not allowed.

Please look out for the ‘Friday Contact’ newsletter which is emailed weekly for any other information about what is happening at school, especially key dates. As always, we appreciate all of your support in your child’s education and if you wish to discuss anything, the teachers will be available at the end of the day. In addition to this, the office will ensure that any message left with them in the morning is passed on promptly.

Information for Parents – Summer 2022

Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed the Easter holiday. The children have settled back into their classes well and we are all very excited about the term ahead.

We will continue to focus on both the fiction and non-fiction aspects of writing across the term. In our first text, we will focus on how to use headings and subheadings to label information as well as using paragraphs to separate information. During this time, we will to continue to build on the skills and processes essential to writing instructions such as using conjunctions, fronted adverbials, prepositions and descriptive language.

We have a busy term planned for Mathematics where we will be recapping the compact method when subtracting and recalling number facts about our 3-, 4- and 6- times tables. We will also be looking at finding fractions of quantities, place value, shape and time.

‘Rocks and Soils’

This term, Year 3 will become Scientists as we will be learning about the importance of rocks and soils and how they are made. The children will learn about the different types of rocks, as well as fossils, before going on our trip to Charmouth Heritage Centre to find some for ourselves!


In the second half of the Summer term, Year 3 will be learning about Europe. We will be exploring and studying the mountain ranges and rivers that make up Europe and use this information to compare it to our local landscape of Cullompton. We will use what we have learnt to create sketch maps. Year 3 will then become Artists by creating a water colour paintings of famous mountain ranges.

Building Learning Powers

We will be continuing to build our knowledge of and use the Building Learning Powers vocabulary to help the children talk about their learning, in line with the school’s behaviour policy. Children will be rewarded with plenty of house points, R star awards and golden pupil certificates if they show these learning behaviours exceptionally well.


How you can help your child with their learning this term?

Reading: Your child will take part in teacher-led guided reading sessions and will have independent reading time each day using both fiction and non-fiction texts. Teachers and teaching assistants will spend this time listening to children read, support children with quizzing or talking to children about the book they are reading. Many children are already on Accelerated Reader, this involves children reading a text and answering questions in the form of a quiz on an iPad or computer. Please ensure that you read with your child at least 3x per week.

Spelling: Your child will be given a list of 10 spellings on a weekly basis, given out on a Monday to be tested on the Friday in school. These will be a combination of the Year 3 national spelling words as well as spellings using a pattern or sound i.e. Spellings that end with ‘-tion’. Please ensure these are practised throughout the week as these are spellings they will use regularly in their learning.

Mathematics: It is expected that the children practise their mental recall of multiplication and division facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 X tables on a daily basis using either TTrockstars, hit the button or daily ten.

Topic Work: Please see below a copy of topic activities that your child may choose to complete. These activities are intended to provide the opportunity for you and your child to learn together and extend knowledge in the topic area. There will be no ‘written’ feedback on this optional learning. However, we would love for the children to bring in their learning or post it on TEAMS to share it with the class for us all to see. The children’s learning will be rewarded with lots of praise and house points! We really want the children to feel proud of their learning achieved outside the classroom.